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hi! i recently discovered holy basil. i've been taking this herb since september and really enjoy it. does anyone else here take holy basil? what have your experiences been? thanks! breath
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    I am an ayurvedic practitioner from India. I have been using holy basil for many years in my practice. I mainly use this in combination with some other herbs to treat vata-kapha fever (flu). Tablet "tribhuvankirti" contains Holy basil extract and I have successfully used this many a times to treat vata-kapha type of fever (fever, cold, bad throat, chills). This has worked miraculously, even for very high fevers (up to 104 degrees). Holy basil is 'ruksha' (dry) and hence it reduces kapha. Holy basil is used in multiple other conditions like asthma, cough, some skin conditions, etc. In India, holy basil is indeed considered a holy plant, which is planted in front of every household.

    When I was a 10-year-old, I was bitten by an insect (a bee-like fly). I remember my grandmother applied the soil near the root of holy basil plant and that cured it!

    I remember my Guru us told us to refrain from too much (continuous) use of this medicine for vata predominant individuals though.
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    I've using Holy Basil for some time and it seemed to help me spiritually as well as with the nervous system----but now I'm wondering should I be taking it continuously, because I am VATA!?
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      yes, i am vata too and take this herb continuously. like aqua, i have found this herb to help me spiritually..........i would be sad to have to give this up.........breath
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        Breath----I found this through research and my Ayurvedic practitioner sent me a combo of herbs with holy basil in it---called Deep Love. So I'm thinking it'll be ok. ;-) Love the stuff I do. *grin*

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          Planted in every household.....that sounds cool, can you do this by way of potted plants?
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            Sorry for the delayed response. This is because of US/India time difference. I am typing when you all are sleeping.

            Potted plant most certainly, yes. That is the way it is planted in Indian household, though the tradition is becoming rare nowadays because of so called 'urbanization.'

            There are three kinds of substances that mankind consumes. Some foods we are supposed to eat regularly on everyday basis (wheat, rice, milk, etc.). These are 'swasthavrittikara' (supporting life and creating good dhatus). Some are medicines, which are double-edged swords. Medicines have accentuated properties (gunas). If they can reduce the Doshas, they can reduce dhatus too. It depends on which Gunas they possess (see for guna theory). Some medicine we can take continually they are categorized as Rasayana medicines, but even rasayanas are to be taken according to constitution (eg, Amla is for pitta, Haritaki is for vata, and bibhitak is for kapha). Third category is visha (toxic substances) eg. some toxic plants, combinations like milk mixed with fruits, these we are not supposed to eat at all.

            Of course, ayurvedic medicines are mostly acceptable to human body being organic and/or treated with organic substances. Hence they may not be harmful as such, but if taken according to your constitution, they will give you added benefits. There are some other factors like during which time/season you take it, its quantity, etc.

            I myself am vata. Personally, I love Tulsi (Holy basil), the aroma and taste. Maybe, one can use it for long time and have some vata pacifying routine like abhyanga, etc.

            I hope I did not complicate a simple issue.
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              Ok, I'm totally confused now.....laughing~!

              Not really I'm teasing. However you did shed additional light on a subject I know a little about but want to learn more. I understand the dosha's and the seasons and really have a pretty good grasp on it, but sincerely want to learn more. Thank you for the information. *S*

              As for a holy basil plant, I'll have to check out google and see if I can locate a plant or seeds whatever I need to grow it, I have a feeling just having it in my house could work wonders. *S*
  • Our friend cm has pointed out that Tulsi is 'ruksha' (dry) and reduces kapha. Vata dosha is also 'ruksha' (dry), and hence any substance that has that same quality will further deplete vata and that is not what one wants to do in Ayurveda. Vata individuals want to increase the tissues and liquids in the body, the subtypes of Kapha (Shleshaka, Bhodaka, Avalambaka, etc...) represent the moisture, mucus and liquid in the body, they need to be nourished and supported, not depleted. However, Tulsi, in moderation (and in quantity for acute disorders) is a great remedy and medicinal herb. In the Indian Materia Medica, it is recommended for so many things that I don’t feel like listing them all, such a huge list, many Kapha, Prana, and respiratory system disorders as well as, unconsciousness due to snake bite and being struck by lighting. Just having the plant around for its positive vibration and ionizing properties is highly recommended. It is no doubt a king among herbs, but as with all good things, more is not necessarily better. “Everything in moderation” is a common saying in Ayurveda.
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      Just having the plant around for its positive vibration and ionizing properties is highly recommended.

      That's what I was thinking......This is great, I'm really impressed with all of the knowledge! Thank you!
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        where can we get this plant here in the USA? thanks! breath
        • I have a dozen or so babies growing right now.

          Please message me and we can see about gifting.

          If you are far away, I'll send you seeds from these later
          which you can have the joy of planting and nurturing yourself.
          I don't know about sending a live plant..... maybe not the best plan?

          • From

            You can take Tulsi daily with black pepper and sugar crystals, the three together. It is believed that Tulsi cures semenal defects. These defects are of various types of which people are not aware. They do not even know about semenal defects. Testosterone is a hormone secreted in the body. When this hormone is secreted desire is aroused in men (We generally call it "passion" or "sex feeling"). It is not considered to be good for man. It causes nervous depression which afterwards damages the heart and brain.

            Tulsi has got the property to cure and correct these semenal defects. Curing semenal defects by Tulsi means that Tulsi regulates the secretion of the hormone testosterone.

            In Sanatan Dharma it is essential to take Tulsi because it regulates the secretion of this hormone and does not allow it to run wild, anarchical and self-willed. The secretion must follow some pattern. There is a system and it must abide by the system. In the Smriti or Vedic religion some dates are mentioned, as being prohibited for the physical contact between man and woman. There are auspicious dates also along with the prohibited ones.

            However, man does not abide by these dates because he is suffering from semenal defects. If one is free from these defects one will have cool thinking about the dates such as Astami (8th day of the new or full moon), Amavasya (no moon), the day of an eclipse, the occasions of birth and death in the family, the period of Sutak and Jatak (the l2th day after death and birth in the family), and any marriage in the family. All these are mentioned in the Smritis in detail. We call it householder's brahmacharya or celibacy.

            There are different types of celibacy, like uninterrupted celibacy (akhand brahmacharya), celibacy with faith (nastic brahmacharya), householder celibacy (grihastha brahmacharya) and the brahmacharya ashram (celibacy for a period of the first 25 years of life). Tulsi has a very close relationship with brahmacharya.

            Tulsi is very essential for women. The sages have observed that passion or the sex feeling is aroused a little late in women, but early in men. There is therefore a lack of balance between, the two. By taking Tulsi this can be balanced.

            There are periods of sex feeling when a girl is not fully matured, or before marriage. She should have control over the secretion of the hormone during this period. The second period is when they are fully grown up or married, say 25 to 30 years of age. Control should be exercised during this period also. It is simply because women are very emotional. Men use their heads to a great extent, but women are mostly guided by their hearts. As a result, they fee] the strain of emotions. Sometimes it has been seen that girls of tender age go mad. They are not able to control their emotions bear the strain put on them. If there is some defect in the biological process of the body it should be controlled.

            Due to this Tulsi is considered very important in India. We attach much importance to it. Rather it is extremely important. Ayurveda maintains that almost all the chemical properties of the plant world are contained in Tulsi alone.

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      Thank you Aaron for explaining what I mean to say.

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        jai tulsi maharani vrnda devi ki jai
        my most humble obeisances pure devotee who pleases the lord.......
        • just a note to those who wanted to grow Tulsi.... (Ocimum sanctum)

          a few of you expressed interest, and two messaged me personally as I suggested

          I can only share seeds if I know where to send them.
          I have no use for addresses other than to use them appropriately for this purpose.

          If you are certain you can grow from seed, please send the digits I'd need. I won't be
          spending time with more offers, so just let me know & I can share when the seeds
          mature. I have a few older seeds with a fair/okay germination rate if anyone wants
          a couple now.

          blessings in love & light
          • I would like to have some seeds.
            Please send to
            ML Boelcke
            PO Box 31033
            Albuquerque, NM 87190
            THanks a billion, and I can reimburse you for any cost.
            my phone is 505-804-1632 if you need to call.

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